Single Payer is the Solution

I recently returned from a trip into Canada and while there I interviewed a lot of Canadians about their government provided Single Payer health care.  I could not find anyone who disliked the system.  Everyone replied that the care they received was excellent.  No long waits... no denial of service... and they choose their own doctors.

If you listen to Fox for your news.... Fox insists that Canadians hate their healthcare.  They cite long waits to be seen,  no choice of doctors, medieval hospitals etc.  They are liars.  Fair and balanced my ass!


Basic health care should be a right in this country.  Insurance companies are a greedy middleman that stands between you and your access to health care.  They are unnecessary and a danger to your health.  My health insurer limits my choice of physicians to their "preferred providers",  procedures must be "pre-approved" , lab tests are steered to the company's preferred lab,  and I am encouraged to drive 50 miles to get and MRI because the imaging place next door costs the insurer ten dollars more.

If you are worried about government telling you what you can and can't do regarding your healthcare then read this excerpt from my healthcare policy and tell me how having a corporation telling me is any better!

Section 5(a). Medical services and supplies provided by physicians and other health care professionals 

High and Standard Option 

Important things you should keep in mind about these benefits:

Please remember that all benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations, and exclusions in this brochure and are payable only when we determine they are medically necessary. 

The calendar year deductible is $350 per person ($700 per family) under the High and Standard Option. The calendar year deductible applies to almost all benefits in this Section. We added “(No deductible)” to show when the calendar year deductible does not apply. 

The non-PPO benefits are the standard benefits of this Plan. PPO benefits apply only when you use a PPO provider. When no PPO provider is available, non-PPO benefits apply. 

Be sure to read Section 4, Your costs for covered services, for valuable information about how cost sharing works, with special sections for members who are age 65 or over. Also read Section 9 about coordinating benefits with other coverage, including with Medicare. 

When you use a PPO hospital, the professionals who provide services to you in a hospital may not all be preferred providers. If they are not, they will be paid by this plan as non-PPO providers. However, if the services are rendered at a PPO hospital, we will pay up to the Plan allowable for services of radiologists, anesthesiologists, emergency room physicians and pathologists who are not preferred providers at the preferred provider rate. 

YOU MUST GET PRECERTIFICATION FOR CERTAIN OUTPATIENT IMAGING PROCEDURES. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A MINIMUM OF $100 PENALTY. Please refer to precertification information in Section 3 to be sure which procedures require precertification. 

They want to charge me a goddamn penalty for not getting precertification... What The F***?

My insurance company is definitely coming between me and my health care.  This corporation (Not a doctor) will determine if care is medically necessary.  Why does anyone need an insurer making health care decisions?  Single Payer healthcare will guarantee that every American has access to health care. Insurance companies can be eliminated since they are a source of fraud, waste and abuse. Single Payer simply eliminates the MIDDLEMAN.

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