Health Care

Recently heard republican health care lie:

Many people like the healthcare their employer provide.


When was the last time anyone ever BRAGGED to you about their health care?
Do you know anyone who LOVES their health care insurer?
Who has EVER told you that they get a really GOOD DEAL on their health insurance.  

Can you answer these questions without calling someone...

Will your health care insurance cover routine checkups and tests?
Will your health care insurance cover emergency room charges?
Will your health care insurance cover anesthesia and drugs and what percentage?
Will your health care insurance cover hospital room charges and for how long?
Will your health care insurance cover doctor fees and consulting fees?
Will your health care insurance cover mental health issues?
Will your health care insurance cover dental and glasses?
Do you know what doctors you can use without paying extra?
Do you know what labs your insurance prefers that you use.
Have you ever heard a doctor or office person say "Your insurance won't pay for that."
Have you ever been told that you have to travel 50 miles for an MRI when there is an   MRI next door to the doctors office.
Does your employers new discount policy actually cover anything?

Health care in America is a mess.  We are forced to buy insurance from companies that make their profits by denying health care when we need it.  Then we have to hire lawyers to sue the insurance company to get payment, and the insurance companies raise our rates.  It is almost impossible to compare plans because of all the fine print designed to deny coverage.  Instead of just purchasing our health care, we gamble with insurance companies about our health.

   An insurance contract is where you bet you'll get sick, and the insurance company bets you'll stay healthy.  Every month you stay healthy, it costs you.  Get older and It costs you more as you age.  You get no insurance, or really expensive insurance, if you are already sick, or have a family history of sickness.   You pay deductibles to prevent filing any claims so that your rates don't go up.  If you file claims, the insurance only pays partially and your rates will go up eventually.  If you are really sick, you can go over the limit and your coverage ends.  Loose your job and loose your coverage.  Any sickness you had under the old policy will be a pre-existing condition and NOT covered under any new policy.  

    Doctors and hospitals, who universally hate unions, practice collective bargaining with insurance companies and negotiate reduced rates for policy holders.  The absolutely highest rate paid for healthcare is reserved for the uninsured, the person usually least able to pay for it.  Keeping track of all of this complexity and rules are the thousands of people employed by insurance companies, hospitals and healthcare providers.  They shuffle paper, electronic documentation, claim forms, etc etc.  All of which costs everyone billions of dollars that have nothing to do with providing health care.  The emphasis in all of this is in DENYING you coverage and making you pay out of pocket.

    The time has come for a Universal, Single-Payer, Not-for-Profit health care system.  A system that DELIVERS health care to all, regardless of income or ability to pay.  If everyone is eligible, there is no need to track payments and file claim forms.  Taking insurance companies out of the process, would benefit everyone.  Far less complexity would result in savings that would pay for all increased costs.  People would be able to get preventative health care and possibly stay healthier.  

    WHAT ABOUT THE LOSS OF JOBS in the Insurance Industry?  I guess we would have to tell the the same thing big corporate business tells all outdated and price undercut workers....   RETRAIN IN ANOTHER FIELD.  Steel workers did it, Auto workers did it, factory workers did it,  and so can they.   Big business would not employ ten thousand men with shovels when they can use one dragline to mine the coal.  Health Insurance Companies are outdated and need to be replaced with a more efficient system, that actually makes people healthier and improves the quality of life.

    Health Insurance CEOs should be able to use their 100 million dollar bonuses to retrain themselves in another occupation, with money left over to buy a personal doctor of their own just in case they need one in addition to the public health care.

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